2012 Butterfly sightings

In an attempt to be more organised about recording butterfly sightings  throughout the year, here are my sightings, including location, date, and where appropriate a link back to the blog post.

This year: Brimstone, Comma, Common Blue, Dark Green Fritillary, Gatekeeper, Green Hairstreak, Green Veined White, Holly Blue, Large Skipper, Large White, Marbled White, Orange Tip, Peacock, Ringlet, Small Copper, Small Heath, Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Speckled Wood, Swallowtail.

August 2012

02/08/12 Kirkstall Abbey flower garden, Small Tortoiseshell (8) on Lavender, Marjoram and Hebe, Large White (2) on Lavender

July 2012

Gatekeeper, Letchmire Pastures 30/07

30/07/12 Sunny and breezy afternoon, Letchmire Pastures, Gatekeeper (14), Small Skipper (5), Meadow Brown (4)

24/07/12 Sunny evening, West Park grassland, Gatekeeper (6), Ringlet (2)

23/07/12 Sunny evening, West Park grassland, Gatekeeper (10), Ringlet (3), Small Skipper (3)

23/07/12 Cloudy, sunny intervals, Beckett Park, Headingley Large White (1)

Marbled White 21/07, Brockadale
22/07/12 Cloudy, sunny intervals, Rodley Nature Reserve, Large White (10), Small Tortoiseshell (4), Ringlet (3) 

21/07/12 Sunny, warm, breezy, cloudy intervals, Brockadale Nature Reserve. Marbled White (40+). Small Tortoiseshell (4) Small Skipper (2), Dark Green Fritillary on the wing (2), Large White (3), Gatekeeper (10), Meadow Brown (15), Ringlet (3).

Swallowtail, 19/06 Hickling Broad

June 2012

19/06 Cloudy, warm with sunny intervals, Hickling Broad Nature Reserve, Norfolk. Swallowtail (6) over the reed beds and nectaring on Yellow Flag Iris and a solitary Small Skipper nectaring on thistle.

Small Tortoisehell caterpillar 10/06
10/06 Overcast,occasional drizzle, Ilkley Moor, 20+ Small Tortoiseshell caterpillar on nettles

04/06 Cloud & sunny intervals, breeze, Rodley Nature Reserve. Small Tortoiseshell (12) Small White (4) Orange Tip (2)

May 2012

Small Copper, West Park, 28/05
28/05 Sunny, slight breeze, West Park grassland, Orange Tip and female Green Veined White on sheltered pathway. Small Copper (3) at lower corner of grassland.

27/05 Sunny, Allotment, Orange Tip female (1)

26/05 Sunny & hot, a little breeze, Letchmire Pastures , Common Blue males (3), Small Copper (1)

24/05 Sunny & little breeze, lunchtime stroll across the land adjoining the campus and West Park playing fields. Holly Blue (2) on the wing just beyond boundary fence & another on campus on the path from the Victorian monument, Orange Tip (2 male) on the wing near a sunny bank of nettles, Small Tortoiseshell in the grassland on buttercup

Small White, Kirkstall Abbey 21/05
23/05 Sunny and hot, in the morning on Beckett Park, initially on the wing then settled on a Beech tree a Holly Blue, then at lunchtime on the playing fields adjoining the rail line a Holly Blue in a dried puddle.

22/05 Sunny and hot, front garden in Kirkstall, one Holly Blue on a Pyracantha.

21/05 Overcast, Kirkstall Abbey Walled Garden, one Small White male on Phlomis, one Holly Blue on the wing.

Holly Blue, garden, 22/05
12/05 Sunny spells, breezy, on Kirkstall Hill one Holly Blue on Holly, Speckled Wood (1) on Hawthorn and Dandelion, Small Tortoiseshell (4) on Dandelion and grasses.

06/05 Cold,cloudy with sunny intervals, St John the Baptist Churchyard in Adel, Orange Tip male (2) feeding on Honesty

April 2012

Green Hairstreak, Otley 15/04
21/04 Overcast with brief sunny spells, Otley Chevin,  Green Hairstreak (5) on bilberry. Peacock (2) on the wing. Speckled Wood at the back of the house, Kirkstall.  

15/04 Sunny but chilly, the first Green Hairstreak of the year on Otley Chevin (1).

12/04 Patchy sunshine, two Speckled Wood, my first of the year on a West facing bank amongst bluebell foliage in Queens Wood, Headingley
Speckled Wood, Queens Wood 12/04
05/04 Sunny, one Small Tortoiseshell on Kirkstall Hill.

01/04 Sunny but chilly, Comma (3) one feeding on Celandine, Small Tortoiseshell (7),  Sun Lane Nature Reserve, Burley in Wharfedale

March 2012

30/03 A cloudier start to the day with less butterflies on the allotment, Small Tortoiseshell (1) Peacock (1) Small White (1) made an appearance once the sun appeared & I discovered while chatting with fellow allotmenteers that a blue has been seen near the entrance, got to be a Holly Blue! Headingley Station Allotments

Comma, allotment 29/03

29/03 Small White (2) Peacock (1) Small Tortoiseshell (2) Orange Tip (1) Comma (1) Headingley Station Allotments. Comma (4) Peacock (6) Small Tortoiseshell (8) Nan Whin Woods Tong

28/03 Three new butterflies on the allotment today Comma (1) OrangeTip male (1) Peacock (1) Small White (2) Small Tortoiseshell (2) Headingley Station Allotments. Small Tortoiseshell (1) St John the Baptist churchyard Adel

Peacock, Askham Bog 27/03
27/03 Small White (1) Small Tortoiseshell (2)Headingley Station Allotments. Brimstone (1)Comma (1) Peacock (4) OrangeTip (1) Small Tortoiseshell (2) Askham Bog, York

26/03 Small White (1) Small Tortoiseshell Headingley Station Allotment. Small Tortoiseshell (2) Peacock (2) Otley Chevin

25/03 Peacock (2) Small Tortoiseshell (1) St John the Baptist Church in Adel

Small Tortoiseshell, Adel 25/03
23/03 Small White (1) Headingley Station Allotment

18/03 First of the year for me Small Tortoiseshell (2), Rodley Nature Reserve

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