2012 Damsels & Dragons

Banded Demoiselle 04/06

Here's a list of my damselfly and dragonfly sightings for 2012

Damselflies: Banded Demoiselle, Azure Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly, Blue Tailed Damselfly

Dragonflies: Four Spotted Chaser, Broad Bodied Chaser


03/08 Kirkstall Abbey, Brown Hawker (4), Banded Demoiselle (2)

02/08 Headingley Station Allotments, Brown Hawker


30/07 Letchmire Pastures, Blue Tailed Damselfly

Azure damselfly 04/06


04/06 Rodley Nature Reserve dragonfly ponds Azure Damselfly (15), Large Red Damselfly, Banded Demoiselle male juvenile. Broad Bodied Chaser male & female (ovipositing)


Four Spotted Chaser 29/05
29/05 Letchmire Pastures Four Spotted Chaser male

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