Monday, 26 January 2009

Fungi, Beckett Park

On my way up to Beckett Park I spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the trees just off Queenswood Drive. Found loads of fungi in Beckett Park, most of which I haven't got a clue about, but that's the whole point of photographing them. The woodland is a mixture of established & young deciduous trees, Birch, Beech, Elder, Oak.

Turkeytail, Trametes versicolor

Hen of the Woods?

From here on in I'm struggling....Although this looks like it could be a Birch polypore, this has a seam separating the upper darker surface from the lower white underside

Can't ID this one growing on the underside of a fallen Beech, although its surrounded by Beech Woodwart, Hypoxylon fragiforme (Xylariaceae)

This one looks like it might be a Common Earth ball Scleroderma citrinum maybe? Growing at the base of a Beech.

Hairy curtain crust, Stereum hirsutum

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  1. These images are brilliant. The images and text come over with quite a bit of authority.


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