Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Otters at Druridge

On Father's Day we took trip to Druridge Pools, just North of Creswell, Northumberland, and were rewarded with a really special sighting. Not one otter, not two otters, but three otters playing in the water for over 20 minutes! Now if you'd asked me beforehand which mammal I'd most like to see on my wanderings then the otter would undoubtedly be number one. By the way my Dad has some good pics at CityBirding, check them out.

Thanks to the birders already in the hide on our arrival & who alerted us to the presence of the otters.

Here are some links to info about Druridge Pools:
Ipin's Druridge Pools blog
BBC website about Druridge
Northumberland biodiversity Druridge Bay leaflet (pdf)


  1. I thought you felt your pics were not good! You are too hard on yourself.

  2. Magical. Closest I've been to seeing these is watching Ring of Bright Water!


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