Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Beckett Park, Headingley

Working at Headingley Campus during last week's Graduation ceremonies gave me the opportunity to incorporate a daily mini-nature ramble on my way to work, yay! Monday got off to a good start with a Great Spotted Woodpecker in Beckett Park woodland, although an unfortunate operator error resulted in a lack of pictorial evidence, whoopsy! On Friday a healthy looking fox cub crossed my path just metres away. Yet again the eye was quicker than the hand & foxy was off before I had the chance to say cheese.

A blooming Buddleia on Queenswood Drive playing fields attracted this healthy looking Painted Lady.

This time last year during Graduation week I caught sight of a Roe deer on Beckett Park, a mere stones throw from Headingley Campus.

In woodland behind St Chad's churchyard I caught sight of a Jays rear end! The Jay re-appeared later in the week, jumping down from the branches of a beech to feed from the ground only a few metres away and although generally a shy bird it didn't seem too bothered by my presence.

The first ripe blackberry of the year on brambles near Headingley train station.

In woodland behind St Chad's churchyard this beech tree was covered in bracket fungi.

On campus, near the tennis courts an abundance of tiny Fairy Ring Champignon which have become a familiar sight over the past couple of weeks.

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