Monday, 12 October 2009

Goldenacre Park butterflies

I enjoyed a sunny Saturday afternoon up at Goldenacre Park, Leeds. The tall stems and nectar filled flowerheads of Echinops ritro (Globe Thistle) and Verbena bonariensis attracted three different species of butterfly all from the Nymphalidae family.

My first spot was this Comma on the round heads of the Globe Thistle, one of my favourite plants. I didn't expect much butterfly action today, so was delighted with this one & pleased with myself to have caught it backlit with mid afternoon sunshine. Although this one looks as if its been heavily edited its pretty much as it came out of the camera.

Then moving onto a larger border of Verbena situated just behind the cafe I noticed more butterflies. 4 Commas, what fantastic outlines.

This one really stood out against a darker background, both bee and butterfly appeared happy to share the flowerhead.

Then I noticed 4 Painted Ladies in pretty good nick. The orange ground colour more subtle than the Comma. How well they pose.

And the third species of the day Red Admirals, 4 of them, what striking colours. I saw one last weekend on Kirkstall Lane near the leisure centre and then another earlier in the day on Kirkstall Lane near the train station. Previously I'd only seen two all year, up in the North East, so I was really pleased to have the time to observe these ones. An unexpected butterfly bonanza!


  1. Really beautiful captures of your butterfly finds. I was surprised one sunny day last week to see six or more freshly emerged Red Admirals near a local field hedge. The black looked like dark velvet.

  2. Hello John & Dad & thanks for your comments. I was taken aback by the vivid colours of the Red Admiral & Comma. I suppose as the year has gone on Ive got used to seeing faded & weatherworn wings. They're a constant delight.

  3. The Comma pictures are outstanding. Many congratulations. The butterflies here are almost gone - there was one very tatty red admiral in the garden last week.

  4. Beautiful pictures, the Red Admiral & Comma have been sunning themselves on the pine trees in my garden the past couple of weeks they are lovely to see.

  5. Thanks Emma & Pam, the last week or so seems to have been Red Admiral week for a lot of us. I'll be sad to see the end of the butterfly season but have so enjoyed my first year of butterfly watching. Linda

  6. Some fantastic butterfly photos! Aside from the obvious close ups, it's nice to see some wider shots - great work!


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