Thursday, 17 December 2009

Headingley fungi finds

Earlier this week we moved offices, having previously worked in the city centre, we're now based up at our green and pleasant Headingley campus. I hope to make the most of my new daytime surroundings & take the opportunity to get out and about on a lunchtime. During this afternoon's short walk to the canteen to grab a coffee I noticed a few fungi growing in the borders. Thanks to Michael Flowers for helping to identify these as Glistening Ink Caps.

A few flakes of snow are visible on the gills of this already upturned cap & stem fungi, a further flurry fell just after I returned to the office much to our excitement.


  1. They are amazing for mid December. Has not taken long for you to get up and running at the new workplace.

  2. Hi,
    I think the top 2 pics are Glistening Ink Caps - very similar to some we saw at Potteric a few weeks back. Very lucky to be so near Kirkstall Abbey. Tried to visit 20 years ago, but it was all locked up. Is it open to the public these days?

  3. Hello Michael, thanks very much for the ident. Kirkstall Abbey itself is generally locked unless there's a special event, but the grounds are public access all year round. There's now a visitors centre on site now in case you fancy another visit:
    I can highly recommend the Gatehouse cafe on the opposite side of the road, great coffee and cakes!


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