Sunday, 19 February 2012

Long time no post

Time to give this blogging lark another go, so 'starters for ten' here's a Curlew, one of three we spotted in fields near Eccup earlier today. A few miles further on at Weardley, Red Kites were visible in all directions. I'd guess at 20+ during our short wander at Weardley and on the circuit back up to Arthington Road.


  1. I know what's going on's getting warmer. The time when the "fairweather bloggers" emerge from their winter hibernation !!!!
    Still, nice to have you back.

  2. Cheeky!Its about time isn't it, thanks for the welcome.... My absence was partially due to spending far too much time in front of a PC at work with the result of having no great desire to spend even more time in front of a laptop. Then the last few weeks Ive been without any equipment as it was liberated from my home to start a new life at the local cash convertors store. L

  3. A great photo to mark your return to blogland. Look forward to many more.

    1. Thanks John, nice to be back, hope you're well. Linda

  4. Welcome back Linda with a lovely shot of the Curlew.
    My blogging has also been pretty scant so far this year but will hopefully improve soon. Cheers FAB.


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