Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rodley Nature Reserve damsel updates

Banded Demoiselle (juvenile male)

Having finally resolved some technical glitches, here's the first installment from last weekend's jaunt to Rodley Nature Reserve which provided a great opportunity for damselfly sightings. My favourite was this lovely juvenile male Banded Demoiselle, basking on pondside vegetation. Last summer, we found good numbers of Banded Demoiselle on a stretch of the River Aire near Kirkstall Abbey, only a couple of miles downstream from Rodley.

There were lots (20+) of male Azure Damselfly amongst the vegetation bordering the ponds and along the hedgerow leading up to the visitors centre.

And smaller numbers of Large Red Damselfly in closer proximity to the ponds.

We also caught sight of a pair of Broad Bodied Chaser dragonfly, too quick for a pic. Here are views of some of the dragonfly ponds at Rodley, well worth a visit.

Rodley Nature Reserve,Dragonfly ponds


  1. The Demoiselle photo is particularly striking, Linda. I know just how tricky they can be to catch on camera! Thank you so much for your effort on my behalf over at W&W.

  2. That looks like a cracking site Linda. I'm still waiting for my first Broad-bodied Chaser ever and my first Banded Demoiselle of the year.............the weather isn't helping !!!
    Nice images.

  3. Fantastic damsel photo's Linda, I find it difficult to get the whole length of their abdomen in focus :-)

  4. Looks a brilliant nature reserve and the photos are superb. On the odd occasion I have tried to take photos dragon/damselflies never seem to keep still. The Banded Demoiselle is my favourite - their markings are beautiful.

  5. Fantastic results from superb habitat - wish I was there!

  6. Thanks Caroline, I highly recommend the dragonfly book mentioned.

    Hiya Jonny, its a great spot, the ponds have really filled out vegetation wise which is great for basking damsels and dragons.

    Hello Warren, its funny you mention that, Andrea and I were having a similar conversation about how crucial depth of field is with D&Ds,especially when they're basking at right angle to the camera.

    Ta pops, we were pleased to get back to Rodley.

    Hello Caroline, its a lovely local reserve. they do a lovely cuppa and cake in the visitors centre too.

    Hello Jerry, thanks very much, we spent a lovely couple of hours wandering and enjoying the views.

    Have good weekends everybody, fingers crossed for a break in the weather at some point. Linda

  7. Stunning damsel photos. I like the mass of waterside ragged robins too.

  8. Lovely damselflies, Linda. I hope to find some new ones this year. Thanks for your comments on Daisy Routes and about Daisy herself.

  9. Hello Dartford Warbler, thank you, the Ragged Robin really stood out against the water, it was nice to see a Small Tortoiseshell nectaringon the flowers too.

    Hello Emma, thank you, yes Daisy is lovely, I look forward to reading about your forthcoming adventures



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