Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Brockadale Nature Reserve Marbled White sightings

What better way to get back to blogging than with a trip to Brockadale Nature Reserve for some satisfying views of Marbled Whites.

Sharing a thistle with a 6 Spot Burnet (?) 

and another...

An upperwing view of a Marbled White nectaring on red clover.


  1. Never recorded Marbled White here Linda, Very jealous of you photo's :-)

  2. Stunning photos Linda - really beautiful. And welcome back I have really missed your posts!

  3. What fine photos, Linda! I thought of you at Hickling when we crossed the border into Norfolk recently ...

  4. Hi Warren, they are a lovely bfly, the underwing pattern is one of my favourites.

    Hello CB, they do dont they, very delicate patterning.

    Hello Caroline, thank you kindly, nice to be back!

    Hello Caroline, that's nice, Ive yet to catch up with everybody's blogs, but am looking forward to doing so!

    Best wishes, Linda

  5. I visited Brockadale this afternoon for the first time in over ten years. I saw a couple of marbled white butterflies and dozens of burnet moths on blue scabious.

  6. Hello Roy, thanks very much, its a great reserve to visit.

    Hello Lee,wonderful, Ive been 3 or 4 times now and have enjoyed each visit. I saw a lot of burnets too, didn't quite get round to putting those pics up onto the blog though.

    Best wishes, Linda


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