Saturday, 8 September 2012

North Cave Wetlands (2)

More sightings from North Cave Wetlands, nice to see this Common Blue butterfly as I've seen so few this year.
Although Brown Argus are present at North Cave, I think this is a female Common Blue, with the tip missing from its right forewing. I'd be delighted to hear otherwise though!
This Red Admiral landed on top of the camera and sat for ten seconds or so.
Lots of male Common Darter dragonfly
and a few Brown Hawker, this one perched on nearby vegetation.


  1. Some cracking photo's today Linda :-) I'd have to see the underwing of that Common Blue to see if it was a Brawn Argus :-(

  2. More lovely butterfly shots Linda and I love the dragonfly photos :)

  3. A lovely series Linda. Plenty of Brown Hawkers also seen here today BUT still waiting to find one perched!

  4. Hello Warren, thanks, I know shame thatI couldn't manage a view of the underwing, I'm sticking with a female Common Blue but will be back to North Cave next year to try and spot a Brown Argus.

    Hello Caroline, thanks very much.

    Hello Frank, yes they rarely settle, we were definitely lucky to find this one.

    Best wishes all, Linda

  5. Its very difficult Lyn, but I have to go with a Brown Argus. Although there is slight traces of blue on the upper wing, there is an absence of white around the edge of the orange spots which makes me think that its a Brown Argus. Obviously sight of the under wings would have helped.

  6. I particularly like your Brown Hawker shot, Linda - they are so stunning with their golden iridescence. We saw more airborne dragons at Minsmere on Sat. than I have ever seen at once before. Wishing I had taken a general air view, even if they had only shown up as spots! Ah - we live and learn!

  7. Lovely shots. I often drive through North Cave on my way to
    lincolnshire. I live in the Yorkshire Dales. At present our wildflower meadows are just coming into their own. There is one near Leyburn and several in Swaledale. A joy to behold.

  8. I particularly like the last one. All of them are nice, but this one is somehow very different. It's more precise and the parts of the body are seen very well.

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