Monday, 23 March 2009

Buzzard Bonanza

On our Dumfries & Galloway adventure, exploring the coastline, we stopped at Port William for provisions. Having driven this coastal road before we recalled observing birds soaring above the escarpment. Heading northwards on the A747, seawards we spotted Shellduck, Oystercatchers, Turnstones & Gulls & sure enough above the highland we caught sight of 2 Buzzards. That was pretty exciting, we're used to seeing the Red Kites around Leeds, so it was great to see the how different they are in terms of shape and in flight.

On another occasion, leaving New Abbey, approaching the bridge, a Buzzard descended onto the bridge side, just 3 metres from the car, obviously that was the one moment I didn't have my camera within reach. Anyway it flew off to sit in a nearby tree.

And no sooner had it settled, it was off.

On the way to Auchtenbrain 2 Buzzards perched on telephone posts, and once they spotted us they didn't hang around for long.

Our final Buzzard sighting on the way out of Rockcliffe, as the light was failing.

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