Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What Kitey Did Next

Took a trip to Harewood to observe the Red Kites. They're huge birds, with a wingspan of 1.5m, a distinctive deeply forked tail, and are fascinating to watch. The Yorkshire Red Kite Project started at the Harewood Estate, 1999 - 2003, over which time 68 birds were released resulting in a total of over 400 young raised in Yorkshire.

More info about the Yorkshire Red Kites:

Between us we managed to get a few good pics, here you go.

Ive included the following 3 blurred pics because they tag is visible on the left wing (it looks reddish to me). Ive seen a list of tag colours somewhere that indicate when & where a bird was released so I'll check & get back with more info.

And just to show that its not all about the big birds, a Treecreeper on a conifer.

I'm especially interested in the Red Kites because a similar programme in the North East has led to everyday sightings around Rowlands Gill, where I grew up. My Auntie Ann & Uncle Lon regularly watch the Red Kites from their front room. And to top that, the local bus is now emblazoned with the Red Kite.

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