Friday, 24 April 2009

Ogden Water, Calderdale

On a recent jaunt to Ogden Water Country Park, 4 miles north of Halifax, we enjoyed spectacular views, caught a few rays of sunshine and indulged in Mr Whippy 99's. Nature saw us and we saw nature. Up on the valley top this buzzard soared high overhead, Meadow Pipits kept a low profile nearby and Skylarks filled the air with song.

Occupying the reservoir, a fair few Canada Geese, Mallards and a lone but not lonesome Barnacle Goose.

We watched this female Roe Deer for 10 minutes or so before it wandered off into the forest.
This bracket fungi grew in the deeply fissured bark of a mature conifer.


  1. Was wondering if the buzzard had lost some tail feathers?
    Good variety of species on blog.

  2. I was on the reservoir path at the top end of the water when I caught sight of this buzzard overhead briefly. Helluva coincidence! Well done with the camera

  3. Thanks to both for your comments. Nigel, it was our first trip out to Ogden Water & we'll be sure to return. What a coincidence! I wasn't sure whether we'd id'd the bird correctly so I'm glad you thought the same. By the way, I enjoy the blog . L


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