Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sunny Saturday in Kirkstall

After popping along to the preview of Park Life, an exhibition on the Victorian origins of Leeds's parks and green spaces at Abbey House Museum, we enjoyed a sun soaked stroll down by the riverbank and along the Kirkstall Valley Park walk. Here's the view of the River Aire with the weir on the left. Unlike our recent visits there were no wintering Goosanders on this stretch of the river today, mainly Mallards, Moor Hens and Black Headed Gull, oh and a Grey Heron flew overhead to settle in a treetop overlooking the weir.

This Mistle Thrush was in the grounds of the Abbey.

Following the Kirkstall Valley Park walk, here are a few views along the way.

Its a lovely little woodland walk, mainly deciduous trees, brambles & ivy covered undergrowth with plenty of woodland birds, Robin, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch, Wren, Blackbird, Long Tailed Tit. Here we look downstream from the weir near the entrance to the Abbey Light Railway that runs on a Sunday.

Another view downstream.

At this point the walk rejoins the main road at Bridge Road, here's the view looking upstream back towards the Abbey. It was here that we were lucky enough to see the Kingfisher on Christmas day, it flew directly underneath us & off downstream.


  1. Really enjoyable, good to see somebody got some sun today!
    Cheers Colin.

  2. Thanks Colin, it didn't last long so it was good to make the most of it with a nearby stroll. Linda

  3. I have never done the valley park walk, amazing since i've lived in Leeds all my life! It's looks so lovely though, you've sold me on it :-)


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