Sunday, 3 January 2010

Weardley New Year's Day sightings

On New Year's Day, mid afternoon we drove out to Weardley, near Harewood. With the temperature a chilly 2 degrees & getting colder, the pathways were still icy & as a result we didn't wander far but still managed a few good sightings.

The Red Kites we're around in decent numbers & today we counted ten just in this area. This Red Kite was perched on a treetop surveying the area. Its tagged bird, the tag looks orange which I think means the bird was released in 2005.

In the nearby field a flock of sheep were getting stuck into mini-mountains of mangelwurzel & the field attracted a number of birds. Lapwing, Fieldfare, Jackdaws, Wood Pigeon, Blackbird, Great Tit and Robin hopped through the hedgerow. We noticed a flock of about 10 smaller birds feeding on the ground, I'm struggling to identify them so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ive included this pic to give an idea of scale, two birds are just about visible to the left of the rear leg of the sheep.

A female Kestrel settled on a nearby telegraph pole.

On joining the Ebor Way footpath we realised that what we'd initially assumed to be one of the many Red Kites lacked the forked tail & had a far heavier appearance & it turned out to be a Buzzard, I didn't manage a pic but it was a good reminder to pay attention.


  1. Could the bird be a Meadow Pipit? The Red Kites are always stunning to see aren't they?

  2. Thanks for your feedback Pam, the markings are Pipit-like aren't they. Having looked through my books the facial markings and the beak are most like a Pipit. The birds seemed smaller than the Pipit's Ive seen before so that threw me. But then again Ive never seen a Meadow Pipit so that would be a wonderful first sighting! Linda


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