Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Otley Gallows Hill

On a visit to Otley Gallows Hill Nature Park patchy sunshine brought out plenty of Comma butterflies with over 10 spotted during our walk, feeding on thistles, resting on brambles, foliage and basking on paths.

From the bridge we glimpsed a flash of electric blue as a Kingfisher shot upstream and waited patiently to watch it zip back downstream a few minutes later. Far too quick for a pic so instead here's the view from the bridge.

Andrea spotted these caterpillars, close inspection revealed over 20 of them feeding on nettles. They're Peacock caterpillars, thanks to Dean for his help with identification.

As you can see Ive been messing around with a new template and have tried again to get the hang of the new editor, and to be honest both are pretty infuriating, because there are so many inconsistencies, borders on photos no borders on photos blah blah blah, I'm even boring myself. Anyway I'm sticking with this until I can summon up the patience to have another crack at it, which may be never. grrrrrrr.
And relax.......phew!


  1. Lovely photos Linda. The caterpillars are Peacocks.

  2. Always great to see a Kingfisher, such beautiful birds. Great shots of the Commas. I'm not technically minded and love that blogger pretty much does my layout for me - though I do get a bit cross with my add ons!!

  3. Thanks Dean, we struggled to identify them, so your help is much appreciated.

    Hello Pam, its a joy to spot a Kingfisher along a riverbank isn't it. The butterflies were plentiful during our visit. If you're still looking for a good site for potential butterfly encounters I'd recommend it.

    Thanks again and have good weekends, Linda

  4. Blog looks lovely, just changed my :o) after seeing Pauls, lovely piccies of the butterflys, think we might just have to have a ride here for some serious click clicking :o)

  5. Hello Debbie, sorry its taken me a while to reply, Ive only just realised you left a comment. Thanks ever so much. I did my usual trick of messing about with the template to tweak the photo display and almost sickened myself of it, but I'm going to leave well alone now. Otley Gravel Pits is worth a visit. Best wishes, Linda


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