Friday, 23 July 2010

Saltmarsh Delph

We enjoyed a recent visit to Saltmarsh Delph, a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve where the greenspaces were brimming with interest. The most abundant species were these Ringlets that appeared wherever we paused to look.

There were a number of Dragonflies zipping around, this was the only one I managed to photograph. Thanks to Warren who suggested a Southern Hawker.

Passing through the gate, on the approach to the hide were a noisy gang of Long Tailed Tits, Marsh Tits and Warblers (I'm guessing a Reed Warbler). Nearing the hide we caught a glimpse of a Marsh Harrier through the overhead branches, just a few metres above the reeds.

Comma butterflies stood out against fading vegetation.

I enjoyed my first Gatekeeper sighting of the year, identified by the double white eye spot.

We carried on a few miles down the road to Blacktoft and stopped for a half at the pub situated on the opposite bank to Blacktoft Sands Nature Reserve. Strong winds kept the numbers of airborne birds to a minimum although we did see a couple of Grey Heron and 2 or 3 Marsh Harriers.


  1. Great photo of the hawker. I haven't seen a LTT for months.

  2. Super dragon shot Linda. Good to see you back with the posts

  3. The wide format of your pics is going to present some nice oppotunities

  4. Nice to see you back, Linda. That's a super hawker; the blue really stands out. Love your new layout too.

  5. A good time to capture the Ringlets and Gatekeepers. Cracking shot of the Hawker Linda. FAB.

  6. The hawker may be a southerm hawker Linda. An interesting compilation of wildlife seen today!

  7. Thanks John & Citybirding
    Hello Emma, thanks, I fancied trying out a new template & after a few glitches I quite like it.
    Thanks Frank, the Hawker was a lucky sighting & was pleased with the shot.
    Hello Warren thnks for the ID, I have to admit I struggled with the ID so thanks for the help.



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