Friday, 13 August 2010

Beckett Park fungi (2)

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Ive noticed a large number of fungi on Beckett Park this week. With so many pics I decided to make up a few composites featured here.

Dotted around the edges of this tree stump (used creatively by students as a barbecue area) are the fruitbodies of Giant Polypore and inside a small cluster of cup fungi.

From this point on and with so many examples Ive struggled to identify them, although I think bottom left and top right might be a Blusher.

I like the pic on the right in particular as I noticed the jogger heading into the frame as I knelt down to take the photo.

More views of the Blusher fungi posted previously.


  1. Linda, I like the idea of the composite images for fungi.

  2. A exquisite collection superbly presented Linda.

    P.S. Which lens did you use for these shot?

  3. You found quite a variety there Linda. I particularly like those where you got a mouse eye view.

  4. I put the third Chinese comment in Google Translate and it came up as:

    Thanks for sharing meritorious

    so you beautiful photos are appreciated worldwide.

  5. Hello Citybirding, thanks it made up for the fact that a few of them were a little blurred! Tee hee!

    Hello Frank, thanks very much, These ones are all taken on a point & shoot Canon Ixus 85 IS. Its easy to carry round in my pocket and certainly handy for capturing the little fungi at ground level.

    Hello John thanks. I guess the answer is for me to switch on Comment approval to put a stop to those random comments.

    Sorry for the delay in responding, best wishes, Linda

  6. nice mushroom collections!

  7. Thanks very much, its a route I walk daily since the beginning of the year, their appearance was a lovely surprise and a good opportunity for a few pics. Linda


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