Sunday, 1 August 2010

Brockadale Nature Reserve

We headed out to Brockadale Nature Reserve, another Yorkshire Wildlife Reserve, with the hope of catching our first ever sighting of the Marbled White. Despite pretty continuous cloud cover we were rewarded with three seperate sightings of the distinctive black and white butterfly.  

Throughout the reserve Yellowhammers could be seen and heard from the treetops.

I caught sight of a Holly Blue on a Hawthorn but only managed this record shot.

Towards the end of our wander the sun popped out and so did this Common Blue. 


  1. You are finding lots of insect life on your various visits. Love the first shot of the marbled white, a flutter I have never seen.

  2. The Marbled White is a stunner. Never seen one in this area.

  3. Lovely shots of the Marbled White, the weather is a bit hit and miss for butterflies at the moment!

  4. Loving the Marbled White too and there's nothing common about those blues, love the underside markings on those.


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