Wednesday, 8 December 2010

An apple a day

I pass by this apple tree on the way to work, and have wondered whether I'll catch sight of any birds tucking into the remaining fruit as I go by. A couple of days ago I spotted this Blackbird enjoying a healthy breakfast, and this morning it appeared again, joined by a companion. A handy source of energy at a time when food supplies are limited.


  1. That's a good alternative food supply to have in reserve at this time of year. Thrushes to seem to enjoy apples (and sultanas, not that there's many sultana trees about these days).

  2. Lots of Backbirds to be seen, I counted 54 on a walk last Thursday Linda.

  3. It looks like a decorated Christmas tree

  4. Merry Christmas, Linda. Hope all well. Best wishes for 2011.

  5. Hello Emma, I'll keep my eyes open for those sultana trees. Happy Christmas to you too, and best wishes for the year ahead.

    Hello Pete, that's a good number of Blackbirds, there's certainly more in this neck of the woods too. I spotted 6 on a pyracantha bush in a neighbours garden during the heavy snow.

    Hello Costas, Happy New Year to you.

    Happy nature walking to everybody, thanks for your comments throughout the year and I look forward to catching up with your sightings in the year ahead.



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