Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Beckett Park winterscapes

A view of Beckett Park taken on my way into work this week. As the sun rises it filters through this copse of deciduous trees, primarily beech, but with some oak, elder and ash. The trunks and near bare branches appear silhouetted against the sunlight with long shadows cast on the snow covered ground.

Although I have to admit to being a bit fed up of the snow now, all the trudging, slipping and sliding, and the severe effects of weather extremes on the local wildlife, I can't say I tire of how it transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland.


  1. What great shadows cast from the trees, Linda. Like you, I'm pretty sick of the snow but the countryside around and about does look amazing.

  2. Linda,
    Im fed up with the snow as well. Looking forward to the tropical temperatures we are promised tomorrow - 4C

  3. Its a lovely view Emma, although I admit I'm often late for work as a result of a detour here and there to enjoy the views!

    CB, phew, tropical!

    Bye for now,Linda


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