Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Queenswood, Beckett Park

On my way in to work, I walked along the outskirts of Queens Wood adjacent to Beckett Park. Sunlight began to illuminate the woodland edges. The tall smooth trunks and papery golden leaves of Beeches began to glow below the jumble of twisted Oak branches.    


  1. Like the contrast between the twisted branches and the straight ones lit up behind

  2. Please excuse me contacting you via this comments box, but I notice that you are displaying a link to 'UK & Eire Natural History Bloggers'.

    The 'UK & Eire Natural History Bloggers' network is now operating independently of A new snippet of HTML code is available for members - please contact me for details.

    Once all of our members are using the new code, we will close our account with

  3. Well captured shot that, Linda.

  4. The low winter sun definitely produces some interesting hues at this time of year.

  5. Hello CB, the light is lovely at that time of day.

    Hello Roger, I'll be sure to add the code which you've sent to my email address, thanks for the note.

    Hello Dean, thanks very much, its a lovely morning walk past the woodland edge, and a great time of year to watch the sunlight as it gradually lights up the margins.

    Hello Frank, I agree, its wonderful isnt it.

    Thanks for sdropping in, Linda


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