Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Waxwings fly into town

Over the past couple of years Ive followed fellow blogger reports of Waxwings sightings with a tiny amount of envy. If I had a bird list Waxwing would be vying for top spot, in close contest with a Bittern and a Jack Snipe, all unlikely candidates for sightings from my bedroom window. Unlikely that is until this afternoon.....

On opening the bedroom window to check the weather I heard a chorus of trills, and was astonished to see 15 Waxwing in the tree at the end of the terrace. A frantic camera search ensued, one had no lens, the other no card, a quick rummage produced only a medium lens and barely enough time to rattle off a couple of shots before they disappeared. Although gutted that they're all blurred/too distant, I was still chuffed with my garden sighting. Ive included a couple for reference and as a reminder to myself to always keep the camera ready for action, doh! The tiny blurry dots in the topmost branches are indeed Waxwing. The second pic shows the last bird to fly off, at least you can just make out the distinctive profile and my window frame top left.

After all this excitement I had to rush out of the house to catch a bus into town, and assumed that would be the last I'd see of the Waxwings.......That is until I got off the 49 bus at the bottom of the Headrow, beside the Crown Court building. I imagined I was hearing things when I caught the sound of trilling for a second time and gazed upwards to see 40/50 Waxwing in the uppermost branches of a Plane tree. This time, I was armed only with my camera phone I apologise once more for the shots which require a certain amount of zooming in, squinting and goodwill, but I assure you they wereWaxwing, and they were there. I chuckled at the appropriate backdrop and moved round for a better shot. 

15 or so on the bottom right branches and a few top left. 

Looking up towards the Headrow,  the Waxwing are sat at the top of the tree, not to be confused with the remaining Plane tree fruits.

Perhaps next time I might get a decent shot?


  1. So thats c.65 Waxwings in two quick succession sightings....I think its called a double whammy.

    I'm pleased for you Linda, it sounds like you waited a long time for this.

  2. All very flimsy evidence Linda.
    Seriously, a nice spot for you, especially from the bedroom window. I can guarantee you won't get the Bittern or Jack from there though.

  3. Never mind the pictures ... enjoy the memories of these sightings Linda.

  4. Am pleased you finally managed to see some.

  5. Hello Pete, you're right, I was thrilled to see them, and twice in short succession was a treat.

    Ha ha Johnny, I was gutted not to get any decent pics, I ran round the house trying to piece together a suitable camera whilst telling myself not to panic. Just didn't quite make it in time Chuffed to see them so close to home though, great stuff.

    Hello Frank, yes you're absolutely right, I certainly will.

    Hello CB, it was your earlier description of their call 'trilling' that caught my ear in the first place. Thanks



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