Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Urban nature - Kingfisher over Leeds City Station

Standing on platform 3 at Leeds City Station waiting for the Harrogate train, I spotted a small, short tailed, long billed bird fly from the direction of the River Aire, way above the station platforms and power lines towards the Leeds Liverpool Canal. As it crossed overhead I caught the flash of blue and recognised a Kingfisher. My previous encounter with a Kingfisher viewed from the Whitehall Road Bridge in autumn was, or so I thought, likely to be the closest proximity to the city centre but this one is going to be hard to beat.


  1. I'd agree with the 'hard to beat' comment about the Kingfisher over Leeds City Station Linda.

  2. You just never know where any species might make an appearance Linda.

  3. It was a really wonderful sighting, one of those things you immediately want to point out to the people around you, although I quickly came to the conclusion that doing so on a platform at Leeds Station was probably the best way to come across as an absolute fruit loop. So I had to make do with a couple of texts to more appreciative folk. Best wishes, Linda

  4. I spotted a Kingfisher yesterday, on the river Aire down at Clarence Dock. What a fantastic sight and indicates the good/improving condition of the river!

  5. They're a wonderful sight to see aren't they! Linda


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