Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bolton Percy Station - Holly Blue

A trip out to one of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's smaller reserves - Bolton Percy Station, near Tadcaster provided further Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus) sightings and this year's first glimpse of a Small Copper.  

Male Holly Blue (Bolton Percy)Female Holly Blue (Adel)

The Holly Blue that we saw at Adel churchyard was a female (see the black border to the upperside forewing in the pic above right), by the lack of a black border on the upperwing of this one (above left) I'd say its a male. 

Also at Bolton Percy Station, our first Small Copper sighting of the year.

A Green Veined White (Pieris napi)


  1. You seem to be getting some great close up shots Linda and nice to see an early Small Copper

  2. Stunning top pic of the Holly Blue accompanied by six more stunning pics Linda.

  3. Hello CB & Pete, thank you kindly, the Holly Blue happily sat for a few minutes while I fished out my 'point and shoot' Canon Ixus which is really handy for close up views. I've been really lucky with Holly Blue sightings this year in a few different places.

    Best wishes, Linda

  4. Those Holly Blue images are stunning!

  5. Hello Paul, I was thrilled to enjoy such close sightings of the little Holly Blue and more so to come away with some nice pics too. Hope you and Debbie are doing well, best wishes, Linda

  6. Hello again Linda, I agree with Paul. I love the blues too (never seen one) stunning pics :-D

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed my visit to yours and will return. Wishing you a good weekend :-D

  7. I would love to see a Holly Blue - I think some do get this far north so I'll keep a look out. These are super pictures, Linda.


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