Sunday, 19 June 2011

Demoiselle in my garden

Dropping in to the front garden this weekend was this female Banded Demoiselle where it settled on the foliage of a Mexican Orange Blossom for a few minutes. Up until a couple of weeks ago I'd never knowingly seen one, then one turns up right outside my door, luckily Andrea was on hand to mark the occasion with a photo.

Here's another female, this one taken on the banks of the River Aire, next to Kirkstall Abbey. Both have the metallic green body colouring, with a distinctive white pseudo-pterostigma near the tip of the wing.


  1. Now thats what you call a garden tick!

  2. Thats a corker of a home sighting Linda. It will be worth keeping an eye on the allotment stream.

  3. Beautiful shots, what a lovely garden spot!

  4. Hello Johnny, Dad & Pam
    A heck of a garden tick indeed, last year I spotted a Speckled Wood on the plant, & the bees seem to like the flowers too, so it must be doing something to bring the insects in.

    I wondered whether the damselfly might have been blown off course from the river which is at the bottom of the hill?

    Best wishes all, Linda


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