Monday, 20 June 2011

Large Skippers on Kirkstall Hill

My previous sighting of a solitary Large Skipper on Kirkstall Hill got me thinking that there must be more nearby. With time to explore I was delighted to discover the rest of the colony, approximately twelve in all in a more sheltered spot in a patch predominated with brambles. 

In this picture you can just about make out the hooked antennae, which is a characteristic of Large Skippers.

A view from Kirkstall Hill, looking down over the grassland to the Aire valley beyond. The Church spire of St Stephens, Kirkstall is visible far right.

A view from the bottom margin of the grassland towards the top of Kirkstall Hill. The trees and shrubs on the upper section provide shelter in an otherwise exposed grassland area. The Cricketers flats are just peeking out behind the birch, far left.

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  1. Don't know if you realised, Linda, that your view of the valley from Kirkstall Hill is exactly where Turner sat to sketch the valley including Kirkstall Abbey.


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