Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dragonfly on the allotment fence

Passing by the side of the Headingley Station allotments at lunchtime , my attention was drawn to a cluster of tiny raspberries peeping through the fence. Reaching for a berry, I was surprised to see a dragonfly perched on the foliage. On closer inspection I think its a Brown Hawker, looking a little lop-sided. There's a small stream that runs the length of the fence on the allotment side, I've seen damselflies here before but never a dragonfly, they can be seen in numbers in certain spots along the canal.

Not having a camera on me I had to resort to a pic on my phone, so apologies for the awful quality.


  1. Great sighting so close to home

  2. Funny, isn't it, how we find really unusual things in unexpected places. Now if it had been me, my camera would have been at home!

  3. Nice Find Linda.

    I have often seen this one alongside waterways and even today on damp heathland but never located one taking a rest. Well done.


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