Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rodley Nature Reserve

A weekend trip to Rodley Nature Reserve offered the first dragonfly sighting of the year in the form of this Four Spotted Chaser, accompanied by a restless Brown Hawker and a female Broad Bodied Chaser.

On our way out we popped into the Lagoon Hide where we bumped into Chloe, Gav and Jackie, visiting the reserve for the first time. In a welcoming display of impeccable timing a Kingfisher flew into view to settle on its post before moving to another perch, focussing intently on the water below before propelling itself underwater and emerging triumphant with a fish.

Twenty+ Ringlets fluttered amongst the long grasses of the embankment running alongside the Access Road. A handful of Meadow Browns evaded our attempts to photograph them in the Hay Meadow. Five Small Tortoiseshell settled amongst nettles around the Dragonfly ponds where we saw a female Kestrel fly overhead.


  1. The colours in the pics are super.

  2. Great to get the captures of the Kingfisher.

  3. Hello Pops, it was a nice visit to Rodley and great to spot the first Dragonfly.

    Hello John, its always a delight to catch a Kingfisher, it was lovely for our chums to enjoy an encounter with the Kingfisher on their first visit.

    Best wishes


  4. Super captures of the dazzling blue Kingfisher ... your timing was definitely on the button Linda.

    Enjoyed scrolling through the flutters you have seen at Brockadale, especially the Marbled White.

    Thanks for your good wishes .. FAB.


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