Friday, 3 August 2012

Ilkley Moor

On the edges of Ilkley Moor I found my first Small Heath of the year, the diminuitive butterfly featured on the Friends of Ilkley Moor banner graphic .

There was an abundance of Ringlets (30+) amongst the grasses and heather, this one perched obligingly to show off the white wing margin to best effect. And another nectaring on thistle, easily the most popular butterfly on the lower slopes of the moors.

Here's the view from the foot of Ilkley Moor near Wells Road, looking up towards White Wells.

The second most popular butterfly of the day, Small Skippers nectaring on thistles


  1. Nice Flutter photo's Linda :-)
    Ive only ever had one each of Small Heath and Ringlet here :-(

  2. As Warren said great flutter photos Linda. I've not seen many Small Heaths this year

  3. I do enjoy looking at your wonderful butterfly photos Linda. It looks a lovely place to visit. Having just spent ages trying to get a photo of a gatekeeper in the garden (inbetween the rowing races!) I really admire your skill and patience in getting such great pictures!

  4. Backlit and with heather - great stuff

  5. Hello Warren,thanks,Ive been hoping for a Small Heath and to be honest I had forgotten that they're a popular butterfly in this spot!

    Hello Jason, thanks very much, this was the first Small Heath of the year for me, reduced numbers for lots of species this year.

    Hello Caroline, thank you, a rare trip out during my olympic sofa effort this weekend! I'm hoping for gold, the only threat to me achieving my goal is having to go to work this week, but there's always catch up time on an evening!

    Hello CB, thankyee, couldn't believe my luck when it settled there, although its not quite in focus it works OK on the web.

    Best wishes all, Linda


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