Sunday, 5 August 2012

Kirkstall Abbey sightings

During a rare moment this weekend when I wasn't glued to the TV, we wandered down to Kirkstall Abbey. There were Small Tortoiseshell butterflies  (8+) in the herb garden opposite Kirkstall Abbey. 3 Brown Hawkers zipped around the garden, and we found one Banded Demoiselle on waterside vegetation by the River Aire. Earlier in the week we walked around Kirkstall Abbey Park at dusk to test a bat detector and found 6 Pipistrelles by the river, very exciting.


  1. Lovely shots of the Small Tortoiseshell. I've seen very few of these this year.

  2. Beautiful photos as ever. I have only seen two small tortoiseshellls here this year, despite all the lovely nettle patches we keep going at the edges of the fields. Not a good year for butterflies.

  3. Lovely photos Linda. I haven't yet seen a Small Tortoiseshell this year :(

  4. I have also yet to see a Small Tortie this year ... and have hardly seen bats (let alone heard them, Linda!).

  5. Super images Linda, especially the second one with the flower.
    A very rare species this year as far as I am concerned.


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