Thursday, 26 February 2009

Leeds Met nature

Up at Headingley Campus on a chilly Wednesday afternoon, I spotted a Red Kite circling the treetops of Beckett Park, the nearest sighting to home so far. On the Acre two pair of Mistle Thrush busied themselves, still there an hour later, they're reasonably undisturbed due to the fact that a substancial part of the Acre is cordoned off. Around by Queenswood I took a couple of snaps of bracket fungi on roadside logs.

On my way into work at Civic Quarter on Thursday, another pair of Mistle Thrush fed on the last remaining Rowan berries. In the afternoon, from our window, we noticed a large bird swooping around the vicinity of the Town Hall. Too far away to id', we soon lost sight of it but I wonder whether its another Red Kite, it certainly moved like one, with very little flapping of wings. I know that there's a Buzzard that feeds in Park Square, so maybe that was it. We'll continue our eyes in the sky operation & report back at a later date.

Mistle Thrush on the Acre, Headingley Campus

Turkeytail, bracket fungus on deciduous logs

Jelly Ear fungus

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