Sunday, 22 February 2009

Teeside weekend

During a trip to Teeside we popped into the newly opened RSPB centre at Saltholme, great views from the cafe overlooking the water, while there we spotted 2 Little Egrets on the banks. Then onto Greatham Creek to visit the seals. Luckily the tide was out & there were approx 15 Harbour/Common Seals at rest on the riverbank. Loads of waders were feeding on the mudflats most of which we couldn't ID, although we did spot Lapwings which flew overhead, Curlew, a couple of flocks of Wigeons and another Little Egret in a nearby pond.

Read more about:
INCA Tees Seal Research Programme (pdf)
RSPB Saltholme

Seals resting on the banks, Transporter Bridge in the background

Wigeons, seals and unidentified waders

A lone Shelduck busily feeding, followed by a pic of the same Shelduck in situ.
Lapwing on the banks, & airborne further upstream before they flew overhead.
Waders, possibly Curlew

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  1. Looks a very interesting area to scout. Like the seals.


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