Friday, 22 April 2011

Adel churchyard bluebells

Adel Churchyard has a fine display of bluebells at the moment. Just as the daffodils have faded, bluebells, forgive-me-nots, honesty and wild garlic, take their turn to flower in the grounds of the churchyard. The afternoon sun filtering through the emerging canopies to create patches of dappled sunlight on the native bluebells.


  1. Fabulous blue fragrant carpets everywhere Linda at the moment and a lot earlier than last year.
    Super images. FAB.

  2. Great sight to see the Blubells

  3. Hello Frank & CB, thanks for leaving a comment. They are a lovely sight, and one of my favourite flowers I think. Best wishes, Linda

  4. Short, definitely sweet, and three lovely photographs to behold.


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