Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Green Hairstreaks on Otley Chevin

Having read reported sightings of Green Hairstreak in Otley, we headed straight for the heather and bilberry field as suggested in the Friends of Chevin Forest Wildlife Spotter Guide. On arrival, we noticed an animated binoculared group wandering around the heather, and knew instantly we'd found the spot.   

Within a few minutes we spotted our first Green Hairstreak on the margins of the field. Tricky to spot as they're so small and well camouflaged against the surrounding foliage.

Once we became accustomed to their appearance, flight patterns and their habit of returning to the same vantage point we hunkered down to observe them and try for a few pics.

This one with damage to its hindwing.

The field of heather and bilberry from the lower path, where two Red Kites soared overhead.

Can anybody help me to identify this moth please? Edit - Thanks to Dean for his idenitification of this day flying Common Heath. 

Two Meadow Pipits perched on the lichen covered stone wall at the bottom of the field, we've seen lots of Meadow Pipits before at Otley Chevin and also further up on Ilkley Moor.


  1. Great set of photos again, Linda. The moth is the day-flying Common Heath.

  2. What a super set of pics! The colouring on the Green Hairstreak is fantastic.

  3. Oooh lovely! I well remember seeing my first Green Hairstreak when I was 12. I'm off to the Chevin asap Wish we could tempt them to Rawdon. Bilberries may be the answer. Incidentally, Morrisons have stopped selling bilberries (the Polish ones in jars) There needs to be a campaign on this (like the current excellent one to save the Guardian's Leeds Local - see:

  4. Hi Linda. Nice job on the green hairstreaks. Are they a new arrival in your area then? Allan

  5. Hello Dean, thanks very much for the identification on the Common Heath.

    Hello CB, thanks they're lovely little buterflies.

    Hello Martin, thanks very much, it was our first sighting of the Green Hairstreak in numbers, and what better way than with a view from the Chevin. Enjoy your trip out there and many thanks for the mention on your blog.

    Hello Nyctalus, rather more a case of us being the new arrivals on their scene than them being new to the area I think. A lovely sight indeed.

    Best wishes to you all and enjoy the weekend.



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