Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nan Whin Woods, Tong

We visited Nan Whin Woods at the weekend, near Tong. Once we headed out of the woodland and into the valley I was amazed at the number of butterflies on the wing. Approximately 8 x Orange Tips, 12 x Peacocks, 5 x Small Tortoiseshell, 7 x Comma, 5 Whites and my first Brimstone of the year, I'm guessing a male because of its bright yellow colouring.

The only ones that stood still for a moment were this Comma.

A dainty White on a dandelion

This striking Comma in profile, the white comma visible on the underwing. Yes it is sat on a piece of poo.   

We heard a few familiar 'chiff chaffs' throughout our wander and eventually spotted two birds in a hawthorn, its not a great pic but enough to show that its a ChiffChaff, we watched it fly up into the air and floated down on spread wings which I read is common behaviour for courting males.

Having underestimated how warm it was, at this point we were a little parched, and made our way out of the valley and headed towards Goodalls ice cream parlour on Tong Road. Due to our in built foody sat nav we ended up joining the main road a mere 10 metres from the entrance to the farm! Kerching! Andrea had Chocolate and Pannacotta and I had Chocolate and Hokey Pokey then we turned around.

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