Friday, 15 May 2009

Allotment creatures

During last weekend's visits to the allotment I noticed a few more butterflies than usual. I'm looking forward to seeing how many I can identify on the plot this year. How exciting! This Speckled Wood engaged in an arial tussle with the second butterfly before basking in the sunshine. The other one looked a little worse for wear. There's a decent patch of brambles, nettles and comfrey at the back fence which seem to be a useful resting place.

Lots of Small White, and a few Orange Tip (which I seem to have deleted) this one resting amongst a patch of overwintered Poached Egg Plant.
The Butterfly Conservation Yorkshire Branch is a really good resource for local butterfly info.

... I've just discovered the centre focus point on my Canon Ixus.....doh!

A number of bees busied themselves amongst the Cranesbill.

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