Thursday, 21 May 2009

Beckett Park woodland wander

Wandering through the woodland of Beckett Park on the way home last night, I noticed some different fungi. Growing in a nook at the base of a Beech was this little fungi about 4cm tall. I'm not 100% certain but its physical characteristics and location are similar to Coprinus Micaceus (Glistening Ink Cap). In the early stages they are covered in tiny white granules which are the remains of the veil, as they age their egg-shaped caps become bell shaped and lose their mica-like grains. There's a good write up at Mushroom Expert. Next time I pass I'll try and get a better pic.

Still plenty of Jelly Ear (Auricularia auricula) on deciduous logs.

A couple of examples of Witches butter (Tremella mesenterica) with signs of somebody having spotted it earlier as they've taken a square section from this one.

And finally a Ganoderma species


  1. What a great collection of unusual species, Linda. Glad I've not got jelly ears!

  2. Thanks Emma, for a small area of semi-urban woodland it certainly manages to offer some interesting sights. Linda


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