Friday, 29 May 2009

Kirkstall Hill

This is the view from Kirsktall Hill, Leeds, overlooking the Aire Valley, a couple of minutes walk from my house. I popped along during the week and was rewarded with a few good pics of a Speckled Wood butterfly, I think it's got potential as a butterfly patch, so I'll keep you posted.

Both JMW Turner & Thomas Girtin created artwork of the area. (I expect they both enjoyed a quick stop-off at Kirkstall Fisheries too..)

Looking up to Kirkstall Hill from the canal.

Speckled Wood

A slightly worse for wear looking Green Veined White

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  1. That's a beautiful landscape you have on your doorstep.
    That's a big chunk out of the Green Veined White - a bird I assume? - amazing that it has survived.


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