Friday, 22 May 2009

Kirkstall sightings

Although rain stopped play earlier in the day up at Headingley, a few hours later down the road in Kirkstall I took myself for a wander, first stop St Stephens churchyard. Spotted a couple of cap & stem fungi, more Inkcaps perhaps? Can't be sure whether the irregular margin is characteristic or due to a close encounter with a strimmer as the grass appeared freshly cut?

There's a picturesque & generous clump of Allium siculum (nectoroscordum) in various stages of emergence.

Then onto the allotment, just a few hundred yeards away. Happy to report lots of bee activity on the Comfrey, Raspberries & Cranesbill.

I think this one is Bombus pratorum, with help from the Bumeble Bee ID chart at National History Museum.
Then onto the old allotment sight on the opposite side of the playing fields where I spotted a fox on the pathway running the length of the unused & overgrown plots, its worth a regular visit methinks. Last year we had regular sightings of the family of foxes that made their den next to Headingley train station, I wonder whether it might be one of the family?


  1. Nicely composed shots of the Allium siculum.

  2. Thank you both for your comments. Linda


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