Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Breary Marsh Woodpecker

Went to Breary Marsh LNR for a quick trip to try and find a woodpecker.  This one gave itself away by chirping for ages until I was close enough to spot it.  It did its best to prevent me from getting a decent picture, ducking behind branches, deliberately facing the wrong way etc.  but I managed a couple of shots.  Breary Marsh is at the Western edge of Golden Acre Park in Leeds and is a lot quieter than the main park.  It is a pretty reliable spot for a woodpecker so worth a look.

The woodpecker shows me its best side again.  Looks like a female to me.  She was around for a while, jumping from tree to tree and then flew too far away for me to snap any more.   Other birds in the area included bullfinch, chaffinch, great tits and robins.


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