Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nan Whin Woods, Tong

Nesting Thrush

On our visit to Nan Whin Woods in Tong we first dropped by Goodalls Ice Cream Parlour on Tong Lane for pre-walk refreshments. Two scoops of Chocolate and Hokey Pokey (honeycomb & caramel) in a sugar cone later we set off on our woodland wander. We caught sight of this Mistle Thrush constructing its mossy nest high up in the fork of a tree. Thanks to Phil (Another Bird Blog) for his ID.  Chiffchaffs sang from the Hawthorn tops. 


An elusive pair of Jays were appeared on our return where we spotted them near the banks of the stream.

Sunlight filtering through banks of Anenomes flanking the beck.

Having read Midmarsh John's post on Midmarsh Jottings  earlier in the week I recognised this straight away asa Bee Fly (bombylius major), thanks John!

Bee Fly

A Comma, one of 4 seen during the visit, along with Peacock (6) Small Tortoiseshell (8).


  1. Some nice sightings and that Bee looks a bit dangerous

  2. first off - you've gotten me curious about the Hokey Pokey flavor of ice cream! I'm unfamiliar with that one.
    thank you for taking me along on this delightful nature tour. The Anenomes are gorgeous, as are the birds. I've not had good luck with photographing birds - they usually move to fast for me. But you've done an excellent job here. thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit, I truly appreciate that. you've a lovely blog here. happy day to you.

  3. You've seen Comma already, I'm impressed. Can't quite see the thrush's head but it looks like a Mistle?

  4. Hello pops, thanks, yes it looks scary doesn't it.

    Hello Becky, the Hokey Pokey is wonderful its a creamy ice cream with caramel & honeycomb pieces. Yum! The ice cream shop is attached to the farm where they produce the milk, its a small scale local business so you get to enjoy the ice cream and contribute to the local economy, double bonus.
    Thanks for your kind words, I enjoyed your blog, especially the treetop reflections. Best wishes, Linda

    Hello Phil, thanks for the advice, Mistle Thrush it is then, I'll add that to the post, thanks so much, Linda

  5. Nice bright sharp photo's Linda :-) I Like that jay.

    It wont be chocolate and ''hokey pokey'' weather this week :-) :-)

  6. Thanks Warren,indeedy, looks like a week for hot beverages rather than icecream I think, well I'm back at workthis week so at least I managed to make the most of the good weather last week. Linda


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