Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Headingley Station Allotment Butterflies

A few more hours on the allotment today brought out more butterflies with two new species making an appearance thanks to the glorious sunshine. This Comma spent a bit of time on the Gooseberries (not a great pic, but needs must), and a male Orange Tip passed through briefly. The single Small White that's been around for the last two days was joined by another, and two Small Tortoiseshells visited a variety of spots around the allotment, a Peacock made an appearance later in the afternoon.

I've started a butterfly sightings list for 2012 with the aim that it'll encourage me to be a little more organised about recording my sightings for the year. Thanks to a week off work I've made a good start so far.


  1. It`s been great for butterflies this last week, Linda. Some great shots of em, too.

  2. I put my first sightings on the Butterfly Conservation website yesterday, that being Small Whites and Peacocks. This was on the north east branch site. They have a one for Yorkshire also. The reason i mention it is because not only are you letting the society and others know of your sightings but you get to see what and where other butterflies are being spotted in your area OR when you are coming up to the noeth east you can have a look there if you are planning a butterfly day out. The main site link with the branches is...
    Hope this is of use.

  3. Just seen your USEFUL WEBSITES list.......and there are your sightings on the B.C.Yorks site.
    Please totally ignore everything i have written above. The man is an idiot.

  4. Nice shot of the Comma on the googogs and I like your sighting page

  5. Hi Linda. I enjoyed reviewing your sightings pages ... far more organised than me! Great to see so many species this early ... thanks to the milder weather ... now we just need some rain.

  6. Thanks Dean, its certainly been good butterfly weather this week, I'm pleased to have got off to a good start. Best wishes, Linda

    Hello Johnny, great minds think alike! Yes I'm going to be a bit more organised this year in recording my sightings and also making sure I submit the info to the BC county recorder. I discovered that I got the first regional sighting for an orange tip at Askham Bog earlier in the week which Im really happy about. The local butterfly conservation websites are a really good source of info aren't they.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Linda

    Hello pops, the comma seemed pretty happy there, the goosegoogs are attracting loads of insects at the mo, Linda

    Hello Frank, thanks, I'm aiming to keep it up to date, just need to be a little bit more organised, fingers crossed. My week off work has coincided with good weather which has been lovely, lots of time spent on the allotment and a few trips out in the afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, Linda


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