Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Greatham Creek Avocets

On a recent trip to Teesside I caught the last light of the day at Greatham Creek.  I wasn't sure what was meant to be around and initially thought the white birds I could see in the distance were shelduck.  As I got closer I was pleasantly surprised to realise that amongst the shelduck were a group of 10 avocets.   I managed to catch one flying and you can see the beautiful patterns on the upper wing.

They are such a graceful looking bird in flight, despite those unlikely looking beaks!

Some of the rest of the flock looked like they were settling in for the night. They do breed on the pools at Seal Sands but my recollection is that they turn up a little later than this. 



  1. Well captured! I particularly like the last one. Living in such a landlocked area I have never seen an Avocet but have always wanted to ever since joining the RSPB years ago and finding it was their symbol.

  2. Thanks very much.

    The avocets do come inland a bit - I've seen them at North Cave and Blacktoft Sands too aswell as on the coast proper. They are well worth a trip out to see - there's nothing like seeing a new bird for the first time, especially one as beautiful as this!


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