Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bar Headed Goose and Bluebells at Breary Marsh

A certainty to be an escapee, but nevertheless this Bar Headed Goose was a pleasant sight on Paul's Pond at Breary Marsh, alongside two Canada Geese, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Grebe and Moor Hen. I have to admit that we didn't know what it was until I got home and referred to my Collins Bird Guide which revealed this oneto be an adult, as the juveniles lack the cross bars on the head . Two Pied Wagtail dashed sprightly along the wall at the water's edge. No sign of any Great Spotted Woodpecker today in the woodland, but we did see a Bullfinch and a Kestrel over Cookridge golf course.

Bluebells are starting to emerge in the woodland and there should be a good display in another week or so.


  1. Nice to see the bluebells starting to appear.

  2. It's a lovely looking bird even if it is an escapee. Lovely Bluebell photos too.

  3. Smart looking Goose. Looks like the Bluebell displays are going to be early again this year.

  4. A good looking goose. Pity they are not native.

  5. Hi Linda,
    Those Bluebell shots are nice, they have the feeling of zingy freshness about them :-)

  6. Lovely bluebell photos - its lovely to see them starting to appear. Sounds like you had a good walk.

  7. Must confess to not having 'looked in' recently Linda, but I'm here now.

    Still posting some interesting accounts and images, and yes the Bar-headed Goose is as handsome as they come isn't it.

  8. Hello CB, they're a wonderful woodland flower.

    Hello Shysongbird, its handsome isn't it, not one Ive ever seen before, the bluebells are a welcome sight.

    Frank, I admit we were puzzled at first sight, but a nice goose to see on the pond, usually when we visit there's rarely anything other than the usual suspects.The bluebells they do seem early again dont they?

    Phil, yes a handsome chap/chapess... There lies the extent of my Bar Headed Goose knowledge!

    Thank you Costas

    Hi Warren, zingy freshness, I like that...

    Hello Ragged Robin, thank you, yes a lovely walk, I do always enjoy a woodland wander..

    Hello Pete, thank you, its a bobby dazzler as they say :)

    Best wishes, Linda

  9. I too saw (and was confused by!) the bar headed goose. Was quite excited to learn what it was...less so when I googled it and found you'd beaten me to the punch :P

  10. Hello M10, thanks for stopping by. Its a fancy looking goose isn't it. I noticed a post on Danny's Birds
    that its an old favourite up at Yeadon Tarn too! Best wishes, Linda


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