Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rain rain go away

With little let up in the weather this weekend we were restricted to a circuitous drive out to Eccup before the sun went down. In a dry half hour we saw Kestrel, Red Kite, Lapwing, and lots of Curlew, pictured here.


  1. Its chucking it down here also

  2. Lovely curlew picture Linda. Weather was even worse here yesterday than on the days previously - heavy unrelenting rain combined with it being very windy! Horrible combination!

  3. Some very nice sightings in half an hour. Lovely photo too

    Like Ragged Robin our weather was even worse yesterday and brought down my very old Lilac tree :-(

  4. Hello pops,drip drop drip drop when will it all stop?

    Hello RR,thank you, the low light reduced the chance of many photos, so I cranked up the ISO and hoped for the best! I concur, what nasty weather!

    Hello ShySongbird, thank you, sad to read about your lilac tree. The rain gave way to a day of sunshine yesterday (on a school day - boo) only to return with drizzle today.

    Stay chipper everybody, it can't last forever..Looking forward to sunny blog posts all round! Best wishes, Linda


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