Monday, 23 April 2012

A Pair of Little Owls

We were driving near Bramhope as my attention was drawn to a rounded shape on the lower branch of an Oak. Remaining in the car we stopped for a better look and were delighted to make out a Little Owl perched on the branch with its back to us. After 10 minutes it flew 50 metres to the right and settled on a stone wall at which point we were doubly delighted realised to see a second Little Owl perched  above it in the branches of a Holly tree.

We've only ever seen one Little Owl in this spot previously and hadn't seen that one for a few months so it was lovely to see the two owls together.



  1. That was a nice find Linda :-) Maybe they are nesting in the gaps of that old wall ?

  2. That's so lovely; for me - owls are the best!

  3. Great stuff. Well spotted. I've never managed to photo an owl.

  4. Hello pops, nice to seem them to see them nice!
    Hi Warren, do you think so, will have to keep a closer eye on that spot, thanks for the idea.
    Hello Rob, it was a nice surprise to see the first one and an absolute gift to see them together.
    Hi Jerry, absolutely,I concur!
    Hi John, never say never!

    Thanks everybody for your comments, best wishes, Linda


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