Friday, 13 April 2012

More of the Bar Headed Goose at Breary Marsh

While I was at work Andrea had the day off (boo!) and found herself on a return journey to Breary Marsh, where she enjoyed better views of the sociable Bar Headed Goose (Anser indicus), hanging out with its Canada Geese pals (hooray!).

I noticed a sighting of a BHG a few flaps of a goosies wing away at Goldenacre Park on Bird Guides 23/10/11. Apparently its one of the world's highest flying birds, high flying and handsome...

A big thanks to Andrea for the pics.


  1. I understand they fly over the Himalayas when in their natural surroundings

  2. Its an attractive looking goose and I love the pictures of it with the Canada Geese.

  3. Hello CB, yes I read that too, amazing isn't it.

    Hello, a lovely looking goose, it certainly looks content amongst the Canada Geese.

    Best wishes


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