Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Adel Dam Nature Reserve

We visited Adel Dam for the first time on Saturday, what a lovely woodland reserve & surprisingly peaceful on a busy sunny day when neighbouring Goldenacre Park was full of visitors. You can find a handy map at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust .

Marsh Hide Feeding Station overlooks a small pond brimming with lush vegetation & surrounded by a variety of mature mixed woodland. The close proximity to the pond provides a fine view of the inhabitants. The plentiful feeders attracted a steady procession of small woodland birds Coal Tit, Great Tit, Marsh Tit, Robin and a Nuthatch appeared intermittently. A couple of Magpies arrived prompting expectation that they'd hog the feeder but didn't stay long presumably full from an earlier feed.

A Grey Heron appeared & settled imposingly on the diminutive pond. It skulked round the margins of the pool successfully hunting small fish. We watched as a dragonfly darted foolishly over the Heron. It coolly kept its beady eyes on the insect, suddenly extending its long neck & darting its beak skywards to pluck the dragonfly out of the air & with a crunch made a tidy snack of it.


A Treecreeper spiralled up a Willow trunk probing for insects.

The Nuthatch didn't stay for long before it was off again, this was the best I could manage.

The second hide overlooks Adel Dam, a much larger body of water. The water level is low at the moment & the birds were scarce, mainly Coots, Mallards, Moorhen. Here's the view.

A Red Kite soared overhead.

At the water's edge a fox crept through the thicket contemplating duck for tea no doubt. It mooched around for a minute dissappearing into the trees.

Ten minutes later we spotted a flash of colour to our right & a fox darted out of the undergrowth & trotted away from us through the waterside vegetation.

It appeared a few minutes later at the opposite bank quickly slipping out of view into the trees. Then we became aware of its reflection in the water as it settled near a flock of waterside birds waiting unnoticed for an unsuspecting bird to stray nearby.


  1. This looks an interesting NR, with wide variety

  2. An outstanding collection of pictures. The reserve looks fascinating. I once had a very similar view of a fox at the Natural History Society reserve in Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.

  3. What great photos, I love the Heron - my favourite bird. I've been to Goldenacre so many times but never gone to Adel Dam. Will definitely be making a trip there soon

  4. Thanks Dad, it is a lovely place.

    Thanks Emma, my parents have recently started to visit Gosforth Nature Reserve. I haven't been as yet but I'm sure I'll fit in a visit next time we're up there.

    Thanks Pam, its funny isnt it, we didnt have a clue that it was there until Andrea found mention of it on the web. The map should help. Its just off the path at the far right corner of the lake walk, (near the big upturned tree trunk) & just before the path comes round to join the lake. Im sure your little one will enjoy it.


  5. Interesting observation of the Heron - I'd never imagined they caught dragonflies.

  6. A beautiful illustrated description of what looks to have been a great day out. It is years since I have seen a fox, such lovely creatures to look at. I assume that is a bat box next to the Tree Creeper.

  7. What a great blog you have here, I have spent some time looking at your previous posts and there is so much of interest! I am sure I have been here before but as I can't find anywhere I have commented it may have been that I discovered you late one night and intended to come back but then by morning had forgotten :( anyway I'm glad I found my way back (via Pam's blog) and will definitely visit again. Your photos are lovely! I particularly liked the Heron and Fox pics. :)

  8. Hello Rob, thanks, Id certainly never seen a Heron do that before, perhaps it was just fed up of the dragonfly's taunting behaviour!

    Thanks John, the fox was a delight to see, we weren't sure whether they were 2 separate foxes or the same fox twice. I think it is a bat box, it would be interesting to visit the reserve at dusk to see whether its occupied.

    Hello ShySongbird, thank you very much, that's very kind of you to comment. As its such a lovely reserve, I was delighted to return home with photos that reflected how much we'd enjoyed our visit.

    Best wishes all & I look forward to reading each of your future postings, Linda


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